Sakamoto lime industry customer report

We went to Taiyo Food Company in Nagasaki and Nishijima Seafood Company in Kumamoto.
They have been using our product to keep the freshness of seaweed.
We asked them to see the effect of the lime desiccant I・C.

Safety Comparison Experiment in Taiyo Food Company
/ Taiyo Food Company Co. Seaweed Department Control Section Manager

In the factory, large numbers of seaweed are produced in several lines.
They don’t usually open the lime desiccant and add water, so they seem to be interested.
We added water to the “desiccant I・C (left)” and general desiccant “King Dry (light)” to
compare safety.“Desiccant  I・C (left)” shed water, and didn’t cause heat.General product
“King Dry (light)” quickly caused heat and generated steam as soon as we added water.


Safety comparison experiment in Nishijima Seaweed Company
/ Nishijima Seaweed Company CEO

Nishijima Seaweed Company manufactures seaweed with flavor made from natural ingredients.
Major sale destinations are high-end customers, such as department stores.
We experimented general desiccant “King Dry (left)” and “Desiccant I・C (light)” to compare safety.
As soon as we added water to a paper cup, general product “King Dry (left)” quickly caused
heat,and generated steam.

After a while, a paper cup got burned black.“Desiccant I・C (light)” shed water, didn’t cause heat.


Safe lime desiccant  I・C

It is very clear that general lime desiccant is dangerous and cause burn injury and fire disaster.

Safe lime desiccant  I・C is developed to be safe and effective product. It is necessary in seaweed industry, because it has strong desiccant power, doesn’t cause heat, burn injury and fire disaster.



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