Corporate Philosophy

We have corporate philosophy, “4 gratitude ~ land, emperor, father and mother, and the people”

There is a corporate philosophy.


Our philosophy is to appreciate people and things surrounding us.

Our lime business is the same.

We consider any material and method to please customers.

We are not afraid of knocking the door of unknown field, and challenge anything when we think up. When we fail, we appreciate the mistake and take in as important experience. As possibility of lime is limitless, our possibility is limitless.

To become a good partner for customers, Sakamoto Lime Industry is improving with imagination and development effort.

If someone can do something about customer’s dream and trouble, it could be us.

Representative Director, Tatsunobu Sakamoto

Desiccant I・C


I would like to explain the lime desiccant I・C that we have developed.

The lime desiccant has been developed and an essential product in Japanese food culture, especially in seaweed process industry.

But during its process, it is true that the danger of burnt lime has been neglected, such as burn injury and fire disaster.

Therefore, we have developed a safe lime desiccant that has strong desiccant power, doesn’t cause heat, fire, and burn injury, which is necessary in seaweed industry.

We would like to provide this Desiccant I・C as a substitute of general lime desiccant in raising safety conciseness in society,.

I would be very happy if you could understand the fascinating aspect and the effect of the lime desiccant I・C.

Thank you very much.


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